Review Request 111851: Split KCModules into different Categories in KHelpcenter's navigation tree

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Sat Dec 14 11:33:23 GMT 2013

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Review request for Documentation, KDE Runtime, Albert Astals Cid, Ben Cooksley, David Faure, and Frank Reininghaus.

Bugs: 262935

Repository: kde-runtime


The KHelpcenter navigation tree has a top level item "Control Center Modules", 
an unsorted list of all KCModules (>80 for a full kde main modules install from stable).
This makes this item hardly usable, see

This patch implements:

A) Alphabetical sorting for "Control Center Modules"/"Foo Settings Modules" + "KInfoCenter" items

B) New / changed top level categories in the navigation tree:

   1) System Settings Modules -> replaces old "Control Center Modules"
      items: see

   2) Konqueror Settings Modules (see Konqueror settings dialog)
      items: General, Performance, Bookmarks 

   3) Filemanager Settings Modules (see Konqueror/Dolphin settings dialog)
      File Management, View Modes, Navigation, Services, General, Trash
      No File Associations, because it is already in System Settings Modules

   4) Browser Settings Modules (see Konqueror settings dialog)
      Web Browsing, Proxy, Appearance, AdBlocK Filters, Web Shortcuts, Cache, 
      History, Cookies, Browser Identification, Java & JavaScript, Plugins

   5) Other Settings Modules
      all other items like e.g. CGI Scripts from kde-runtime

   To make full use of these new/changed categories some kcm desktop files in other 
   modules than kde-runtime need a change of X-KDE-ParentApp from kcontrol to konquerorcontrol,
   browsercontrol, filemanagercontrol or othercontrol, but that is not part of this review.
   As long as not all desktop files are fixed according to this patch or a necessary change in a 
   desktop files is overlooked that KCM will be in System Settings Modules like now, but in sorted order.

C) Change wording from "Control Center Modules" to "System Settings Modules" and using 
   "Foo Settings Modules" for the new categories.
   Control Center is from KDE 3, we use System Settings nearly all over GUI and in the whole documentation. 


  khelpcenter/navigator.cpp 7460cc8 
  khelpcenter/plugins/CMakeLists.txt d09b869 
  khelpcenter/plugins/browsercontrolmodules.desktop PRE-CREATION 
  khelpcenter/plugins/filemanagercontrolmodules.desktop PRE-CREATION 
  khelpcenter/plugins/kcontrolmodules.desktop 1813df3 
  khelpcenter/plugins/konquerorcontrolmodules.desktop PRE-CREATION 
  khelpcenter/plugins/othercontrolmodules.desktop PRE-CREATION 
  khelpcenter/plugintraverser.cpp b0b0e78 



Checked with one example each for konquerorcontrol, browsercontrol, filemanagercontrol 
and othercontrol, see attached screenshot.

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New Categories in KHelpcenter navigation tree


Burkhard Lück

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