Nepomuk in 4.13 and beyond

Marco Martin notmart at
Fri Dec 13 12:29:10 GMT 2013

On Thursday 12 December 2013, Vishesh Handa wrote:

> > what you describe is amazingly similar to the system Wheeler and I came
> > up with during the very first Akademy. if you’re ever interested in what
> > ever became of that, remind me over a coffee/beer sometime and i’ll put
> > on my old-man pants and recount the ol’ days. ;)
> Sure. Plasma sprint.

/me will just drop a name that will give a little tear to the oldies..
Tenor ;)

> Disable Nepomuk (System settings) and install Baloo. It should startup on
> boot, otherwise you can run the baloo_file process.
> Most of the PIM side is already integrated, but the patches still have to
> be pushed. (I'll push them into a clone) I've started working on porting
> Dolphin, but I need to talk with Frank.
> What exactly do you want to integrate?

Most pressing for us is the porting of that nepomuk model in plasma active 
(then depending on how the model may keep external facing api unchanged or not 
may magically port a lot of stuff.. or not)

main things the nepomuk model is used for:
* Activities: showing in the homescreen resources linked to an activity, 
grouped by type
* File browser application:
** show files by type (like all images, all documents..)
** to that, add a filter by tag or by date
** to display tags and dates, we need a group by: to have a kind of tag cloud 
and to quickly compare for instance how many photos were taken in May as 
opposed to April
* SLC: acts of connecting something to an activity, assigning a tag, assigning 
a rating, adding a bookmark (in active bookmarks are stored in nepomuk too)

* Plasma media center: pretty much the same requirements

> > what is the Baloo equivalent of the Nepomuk API currently in kdelibs?
> > (i’ve looked in the ballo repo, it isn’t clear at first glance)
> There isn't a clear Resource API any more. There is a nice query API - take
> a look at baloo/src/core/query.h / term.h. There are some "examples" in
> the autotests directory.

I would be happy even with just a way to have something that makes very easy 
to access even just a variant map of properties (ugh, i guess that tells I'm 
doing way too much javascript lately :p)

Marco Martin

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