Review Request 114321: Fix timezone saving in System Settings -> Date & Time

Lukáš Tinkl lukas at
Thu Dec 5 23:24:13 GMT 2013

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Review request for kde-workspace.

Bugs: 159171 and 323511

Repository: kde-workspace


- fix saving/loading of timezones in kcmclock
- do not mark the module as changed right after the new timezone gets loaded back

Besides the above mentioned bugs, it also fixes


  kcontrol/dateandtime/dtime.cpp 518afe5 
  kcontrol/dateandtime/helper.cpp 9168db3 
  kcontrol/dateandtime/main.cpp 2fa0f3e 



In the past, this would for some reason only work sporadically and make ktimezoned utterly confused; now it correctly sets a symlink (instead of copying the file over) from /etc/localtime to the respective file under /usr/share/zoneinfo (as described in "man tzset"). The symlink points to the right location after each save. Launching the module again, it shows the correct timezone, as previously saved. 


Lukáš Tinkl

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