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Sun Apr 28 13:05:45 BST 2013

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 2:51 AM, Pau Garcia i Quiles
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> Hi,
> Last weekend we had the KDE eV Sprint at Berlin.
> For various reasons, financial mainly, it was clear we need to raise
> visibility of the Join the Game campaign in order to get more users to
> sign up. One of the decisions taken was to add a bit of the Join the
> Game text to KDE applications.
> Screenshots available here:
> To avoid confusion with the Join the Game program, there are slight
> changes in "About KDE":  "Join KDE" and "Support KDE" have been
> relabeled to "Get involved" and "Donate" respectively.
> Why is it important that we get this in now?
> - Because 4.8 is probably the last release before 5.0
> - Given our history with 4.0, I wouldn't be surprised if users and
> distributions avoid 5.0 as the default, or even altogether
> - This means either the Join the Game propaganda goes in for 4.8, or
> it will not arrive to our users before 18-24 months (~12 months till
> 5.0 + 6 months for 5.1 + distributions delay + ...). No matter how
> optimistic we are about releasing 5.0 soon, history shows there are
> always delays.
> - We cannot wait 18 months
> There are no API changes involved. This is not exactly a "feature" either.
> Code is available in the origin-KDE/4.7 branch here:
> git at
> If you'd rather see it in web:
> Given that we are already feature frozen, I am hereby requesting a
> freeze exception for the following:
> - Adding a new menu subheader ("Support KDE: Join the Game")
> - Adding new dialog with three tabs (KJoinTheGame). The text of these
> tabs is essentially the same as the first three columns in
> This will require a message freeze exception, which I have already requested.

Heya :)

I'd like to bring this up again. Where are we with this? Is now a
better time to get this in? What needs to be done still and who can
make it happen?


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