desktop file cache (Re: Results of the freedesktop summit)

David Faure faure at
Wed Apr 17 09:19:20 BST 2013

On Tuesday 16 April 2013 20:12:31 Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Tuesday, 2013-04-16, David Faure wrote:
> > 4) Defined standard for .desktop file cache
> > 
> > This is something that I've been wanting for quite some time already:
> > replacing the ksycoca cache with something that is updated when .desktop
> > files are installed, without the need for directory watching or slow
> > kbuildsycoca on login. Much like update-mime-database works. The existing
> > tool update-desktop- database will be updated to also create this binary
> > on-disk cache, and should be run by package post-installs (but we'll also
> > detect the case where the cache wasn't updated, by looking at directories
> > mtime, and we'll update it on- demand; so, unlike update-mime-database,
> > this won't be strictly required, just a performance improvement).
> > 
> > We designed the format of the binary cache so that it's easy to use
> > without
> > memory allocations (just mmap), exactly like the shared-mime-info cache.
> > 
> > Status: Ryan is working on adding the cache generation to update-desktop-
> > database, and on an implementation of the use of the cache. I'll look into
> > either using the latter (he's using BSD license to make that impossible),
> > or implementing that with Qt classes myself (as I did for the mime spec).
> Did you mean "using a BSD license to make that possible" or is there a new
> requirement that BSD licensed code is a no-go?

LOL, nice typo of mine!

Of course I meant "to make that possible".

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