Review Request 109792: Update 'dim display' algorithm.

Danny Baumann dannybaumann at
Sun Apr 14 13:24:10 BST 2013


>> To expand on the use case I have: I often let my laptop 'do things'
>> (compile code, download stuff, do a 'yum update', wait for an answer
>> of somebody via IM) where immediate attention isn't needed, but it
>> needs to be somewhat monitored nevertheless (does the code still
>> compile or did it abort because of a typo?,
> Actually I have the system ping me for that (and have PM inhibited) -
> iff i actually compile on battery (and in general if i'm not doing
> anything else)
> But that's not relevant, what i claim is that this
>> to 50% of last brightness' allows me to cover that use case.
> is moot.
> The ability to actually read onscreen content depends on the actual
> screen content (contrast) and the environment (sunshine, night, panel
> glas) why i claimed that for a particular brightness state (not too
> bright, not too dark - juts readable) user interaction is required
> (maybe a light sensor, but all i've used are rather nasty than anything
> else)
> So i absolutely doubt that this usecase could be reasonably covered by a
> preset configuration - that kicks in timer based.

Well, *shrug* it would work for me ;)
As I just found out that powerdevil supports loading plugins, I can also 
write my own version of dimdisplay that suits my use case; it doesn't 
necessarily need to live in the KDE repos.
One question about that, though: How is one supposed to handle the 
powerdevil includes? It looks like powerdevilaction.h and 
powerdevilactionconfg.h are not installed in a public location?



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