Review Request 109792: Update 'dim display' algorithm.

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Thu Apr 11 16:45:17 BST 2013

<cut out useless metadiscussion>

On Thursday, April 11, 2013 15:11:54 Danny Baumann wrote:
> Having said that, my current plan is the following:
> - Drop the UI option
> - However, leave the configurability via kconfig intact. That way, users who
> are not happy with the defaults do at least have a remote chance of
> changing it without recompiling KDE (after they found it's configurable, of
> course - but there's a huge step between looking something up and compiling
> a whole DE to change it) - Additionally add a dimRelative kconfig setting.
> With dimRelative=true, dimRatio is interpreted as a factor
> (dimmedBrightness = origBrightness * dimRatio), with it being false it's
> interpreted as an absolute value (dimmedBrightness = 100f * dimRatio). -
> The defaults are set up as dimRatio = 0.05, dimRelative = false
> - Do the dimming in 2 steps, the first one being done after the configured
> time, the second one 10 seconds later
> Is that approach ok?

Nope, even a config key just adds maintainability and support burden. I've 
been there, done that, and didn't like the ride.

The bug you are addressing is entirely fixable without an option, there is 
simply not a good reason to make this configurable.

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