Review Request 109923: Make kded use KDE_VERSION_STRING instead of the mysterisou "$Id$" as version.

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Wed Apr 10 04:14:45 BST 2013

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Review request for kdelibs and David Faure.


This can be seen as follow up of So I will not say too much here, since the main points in that review for plasma-desktop and krunner also apply to kded:

1. uses a dead (and mysterious) version, which provides no useful information in practice
2. receives quite a lot of crash reports, especially those from outdated KDE installations .

That "$Id$" version used by kded, which has been in use for more than 10 years, is really mysterious. Is it intended to provide some magic ? The git history doesn't tell me much.

On the other hand, searching for kded crashes on bugzilla gives me a list of version variants:

    kded4 ($Id$)    // note, this is the most common one)

    kded4 ($Id: kded.cpp 1031637 2009-10-05 16:58:19Z lunakl $)
    kded4 ($Id: kded.cpp 1107474 2010-03-25 19:04:25Z aseigo $)
    kded4 ($Id: kded.cpp 1128583 2010-05-19 17:42:25Z aseigo $)
    kded4 ($Id: kded.cpp 1149056 2010-07-12 13:39:10Z aholzammer $)
    kded4 ($Id: kded.cpp 1151015 2010-07-17 13:50:01Z pokrzywka $)
    kded4 ($Id: kded.cpp 1156841 2010-07-29 19:59:05Z zander $)
    kded4 ($Id: kded.cpp 1192875 2010-11-04 08:22:15Z ervin $)
    kded4 ($Id: kded.cpp 1204125 2010-12-06 11:17:10Z dfaure $)

, which makes it only more confusing to me.


  kded/kded.cpp 0d7b961 




Jekyll Wu

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