Accessing: www-Authenticate via kio?

Kevin Krammer krammer at
Wed Apr 3 18:22:56 BST 2013

On Wednesday, 2013-04-03, Àlex Fiestas wrote:
> Is there anyway of getting the authentication realm using kio_http ?
> I tried with (http/webdav and adding an user as well)
> KIO::get(KUrl("webdav://owncloudserver/remote.php/webdav/"));
> job->setUiDelegate(0);
> job->exec();
> qDebug() << job->metaData();
> metada contains:
> "charset", "utf-8"
> "content-type", "application/xml"
> "referrer", ""
> "request-id", ""
> "responsecode", "401"
> "ssl_in_use", "FALSE"
> Is there anyway of getting this info with kio? I'm doing this in a kded
> module so I really want to make it async.

"this info" as in the metaData() result? Isn't that always there independent 
of whether you run exec() or retrieve it in a result slot?

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