Review Request: Part I: Add domain/cookie specific 'accept cookie for session' option to kcookiejar

Dawit Alemayehu adawit at
Fri Sep 28 03:35:20 BST 2012

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Review request for kdelibs.


This is a user contributed patch that changes the "Treat all cookies as session cookies" global option into a per domain/cookie option so that the policy can be configured in a more fine grained fashion. It was initially intended to be push upstream for the 4.6 release, but for reasons I do not want to restate again, see if you want the details, the patch never made it in.

Well I want to push this into kdelibs for the 4.10 release before it is too late. The patch comes complete with unit tests that exercise the new changes and was contributed by Gregorio Guidi. He did all the work and made all the necessary fixes based on feedback from me. I only added code to update the kcookiejar config file and modified a couple of unrelated minor GUI issues. As such I want to reconginze this effort by pushing this patch on his behalf.

This addresses bug 54300.


  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/CMakeLists.txt e5ff3ee 
  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/kcookiejar.h 896cab7 
  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/kcookiejar.cpp db4606c 
  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/ PRE-CREATION 
  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/kcookiescfg.upd 3c1cd02 
  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/kcookieserver.cpp c8a61fb 
  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/kcookiewin.h ce61c5a 
  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/kcookiewin.cpp 0713cdd 
  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/tests/cookie_session.test PRE-CREATION 
  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/tests/cookie_settings.test 7fc1a03 
  kioslave/http/kcookiejar/tests/kcookiejartest.cpp 5dbe2ca 




new cookie confirmation dialog


Dawit Alemayehu

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