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I'm not sure if this is the correct place to ask but I've started writing a
google drive kioslave and reached some particularities of this "filesystem"
that I'd like some suggestions:

1. Google drive has its own trash:
- for this one I'm thinking about making two different protocols
"googledrive:" and "googledrivetrash:". Would be there a cleaner way to
represent the "trash" concept?

2. Google drive allows identical filenames.
-files have a unique id, but can have the very same filename. It would not
be practical to use the id in the kio url, but using the filename may lead
to conflicts. Google drive windows syncing program renames the second file
(e.g. "file.txt" and "file (2).txt") but only in the syncing folder,
however I don't think this is a clean solution for a kioslave.

3. It apparently has no character restriction on filenames.
-windows syncing app replaces unsupported characters with underscores. I
think percent encoding would be a better solution.

4. There are no symlinks, but files can be parented by multiple folders.
- how to deal with this?

Thanks in advance,
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