Broken build of KDE Base Apps and unauthorized increase in dependency

Ralf Jung post at
Thu Sep 13 16:39:48 BST 2012


> First, sorry I confused kdelibs with kde-baseapps in this response. So
> forget what I said about changes being merged back into 4.10 branch by
> David. Anyhow, I have now attempted to fix this issue as reported here. See
> .
> However this fix does not really work. That is compile will fail if KDE
> version is changed to 4.9.2 as well because Qt's moc processor does not
> seem to correctly handle #if macros. So my question is whether it would be
> acceptable for me to revert this change from the git 4.9 branch and simply
> leave it as it was in the git master branch ? IOW, kde-baseapps 4.10
> release will have a minimum requirement of kdelibs 4.9.2 ?
To make things worse, this commit cherry-picked onto kde-baseapps master
breaks compilation against kdelibs master. I had to revert 965fc6b3 to
succeed with compilation.

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