Appmenu support for KDE 4.10

Alex Fiestas afiestas at
Wed Sep 12 15:16:27 BST 2012

On Tuesday 11 September 2012 15:24:44 Cedric Bellegarde wrote:
> Not ready IMO for KDE 4.10 due to problems pointed by Alejandro Fiestas
> Olivares in previous mails. But this is really not needed to have appmenu
> support in KDE available.

I have a long TODO list so I can't make promises, but I will try to help you 
out with this, a kick'ass appmenu support is something we really need.

BTW "afiestas" is just fine... I'm not used to see my full name here (or at 
least skip the second surname xD).

Cheerz !

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