Review Request: Allow setting a custom font list in KFontComboBox

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Tue Sep 11 20:32:28 BST 2012

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Review request for kdelibs and Chusslove Illich.


KFontAction has a constructor to filter the font list by certain criteria. When it creates a KFontComboBox to allow the user to interact with it, this box always shows all fonts.

Instead of adding a "setFontFilterCriteria()" method, I opted for adding a "setFontList()" method, for the following reasons:
- it does not have to Qt database twice
- it is more flexible (you could, for example, filter by size)

@since: TBD has to be decided:
- 4.9.x, because it allows to fix bug 83212 and bug 306625
- 4.10, because it adds new API
- KF5, because it adds new API
- keep it private, only to be called by KFontAction

Note that this commit alone does NOT fix the bugs, but adds the required API.

This addresses bugs 83212 and 306625.


  kdeui/fonts/kfontcombobox.h de3cb16 
  kdeui/fonts/kfontcombobox.cpp 0ded6fb 




Christoph Feck

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