Appmenu support for KDE 4.10

Cedric Bellegarde gnumdk at
Tue Sep 11 14:24:44 BST 2012


since last mail, many changes.



- DBus interface allowing KWin to ask for applications menu to popup
- New Top menubar: 
		* Auto hide with glow effect for easy access
		* Multihead: menubar follow application window screen allowing usage 
in multihead


kde-workspace patch:

Configuration has been moved to kcm_style.



Library allowing applications to  get  a QMenu from kded-appmenu.
Aurelien Gateau plasmoid patched to use this library and works along side  

Not ready IMO for KDE 4.10 due to problems pointed by Alejandro Fiestas 
Olivares in previous mails. But this is really not needed to have appmenu 
support in KDE available.

Two solutions:
- Add support for another menu model access in libdbusmenu-qt	
- If we fail: add this model to this libkappmenu  branch based on krunner-
appmenu code (proof of concept, segfaulting version):

Here how it looks:


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