Broken build of KDE Base Apps and unauthorized increase in dependency

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Tue Sep 11 11:22:16 BST 2012

Hi Dawit,

It has come to my attention that since commit
603a93268efb9d09f8c6255907f46928c651fdbd to kde-baseapps master, the
build for it has been broken.
This is due to it depending on new features, present only in the KDE/4.9 branch.

This is problematic because:
- kde-baseapps depends upon a minimum of 4.7.97 (ie. KDE 4.8) which
obviously is no longer the case. It depends upon unreleased code.
- This feature will not be in KDE 4.10 at the moment, because the
feature was added to KDE/4.9 instead of KDE/4.10 as it should have

Please see
for further information.

Ben Cooksley

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