Review Request: print-manager on kdereview

Daniel Nicoletti dantti12 at
Thu Sep 6 22:34:14 BST 2012

>> Sorry, cannot read sysadmin bugs. Where do you want it to move?
> Since the idea is to replace s-c-p-kde it would reside where it is now,
> so these repos would maybe go to unmaintained:
> As the print-manager repo provides both things
> * a plasmoid and a kded module to replace printer-applet repo
> * a KCM to replace s-c-p-kde KCM
> I don't really know the best destination and I would rather not
> split this repo since it uses an internal lib, maybe
> kde workspace would be a good place to stay.

Hi, it's been two weeks since it entered KDE review,
I hope all translations issues were fixed, and would like to know
where should I move it, and how do we proceed now since
it seems no one has objected the replacement.


Daniel Nicoletti

KDE Developer -

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