kdereview: bodega

Josef Spillner spillner at kde.org
Thu Oct 25 01:10:58 BST 2012

Hello Aaron,

:: Aaron J. Seigo Mittwoch 24 Oktober 2012
> * it is not limited to (or even focused on) software, but any digital
> asset.

I'd like to encourage you to go further and drop the restriction to "digital" 
assets eventually. Many people use their computer to buy or share real stuff 
online. There are increasingly attempts to make this possible via free 
infrastructure (e.g. http://cirandas.net/search/products), all with their own 
user interfaces, but also with programmatic interfaces waiting to be connected 
to desktops.

It should be easily possible to define asset content models and delivery 
options to cover this diversity in a multi-market frontend. While for most 
digital assets the delivery option may be "download" or "subscribe", for 
services like cloud storage it may be "create an account" (or "replicate at my 
own infrastructure" for the better ones), and for products like used bikes it 
may be "send it over to me". All of these delivery options would be associated 
with a webpage to proceed in the most simple case, and there would be 
corresponding wizards to add new offers which stay under the user's control 
and are merely propagated to any selected market.

No desktop is currently able to capture this multiplicity, but it seems 
worthwhile to try.


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