Moving ktouchpadenabler to kdebase^Wkde-workspace

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Oct 13 21:37:05 BST 2012

Back when I moved ktouchpadenabler to extragear-base Christoph mentioned he'd 
like to see it in kdebase[1], we don't have a kdebase anymore though.

Anyway i'd like to move it to a more central place, I guess kde-workspace 
would be the place for this kind of stuff?

For those that don't know/remember does it is a *very simple* (200 lines) kded 
module that listens to 
XF86XK_TouchpadToggle/XF86XK_TouchpadOn/XF86XK_TouchpadOff key presses and 
toggles/enables/disables your touchpad accordingly.

You can find it's code at kde:ktouchpadenabler or browse it online at




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