kde-runtime module master and KDE/4.9 branches

Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde.org
Thu Oct 11 18:13:38 BST 2012

> If you merge stable into master you cannot miss changes.

Sure, but what I was referring to, is more than that. People should do
that for their changes, but you cannot expect there will be no
mistakes at all in the procedure. Someone making sure about this on
top of the utilities that can just be introduced, would be a great
addition as well. Currently David is similar contribution in kdelibs,
and I am happy about that. I do not think it is only tightened to
freeze. Perhaps if a few people get involved into this for separate
subcomponents, then it is not that a big job for each.

There were also people trying to make sure relevant changes ended up
in Qt 4.8 and Qt5 as well. These were mostly maintainers and approvers
I found, but basically anybody could have said. Although that is
somewhat a simpler situation because each patch is reviewed, so more
eyes have to miss this procedure not to happen.

That said, I support any mechanism that helps with missing those for
the authors as well.


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