kde-runtime module master and KDE/4.9 branches

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Tue Oct 9 15:36:33 BST 2012

I'm sending this e-mail because I was experiencing some bug with the
ScrollBar and I thought about fixing it. Then I decided to commit it
in KDE/4.9 because it's a bugfix and I realised it's already in 4.9,
it's just not in master.

My natural reaction was to see if we could merge KDE/4.9 to master,
that was the git output [1]. Besides the normal .desktop files
conflicts there were a lot of .cpp and .qml changes that conflicted
(mostly Plasma Components and some Nepomuk).

So, should I look into merging those? Maybe there are more things
fixed in 4.9 that aren't in master...
Should we make sure this won't happen again? If so, how?


[1] http://paste.kde.org/565196/

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