Review LibKdeAccessibilityClient

Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn at
Thu Oct 4 10:44:12 BST 2012


so after we took the time to hack a bit more on the library in Randa,
I would be happy about more comments.

The plan is to use it for our tools (currently Simon and Magnifier),
so the only thing I didn't do is to change it to depend on ECM.

I find the CMake part is quite nice now, it doesn't even require the tedious 
FindFoo.cmake files, instead it uses the "target-exporting feature of cmake" 
that Alex suggested (good stuff indeed).

After realizing it was Qt only, we were bold enough to rename it to 

Especially Peter reviewing and using it for Simon makes me feel relatively 
good about the lib, since it confirms its usefullness. The "manual test" in 
there is turning into a full accessibility debugging tool, another thing 
turning out better than I initially expected :) Give it a look when bored, 
it's fun to play with and works with Gnome and KDE apps (assuming you have qt-
at-spi and libatspi2).


On Thursday 23. August 2012 22.41.46 Kevin Ottens wrote:
> Hello,
> On Thursday 16 August 2012 09:29:27 Frederik Gladhorn wrote:
> > Feedback is much appreciated.
> If you aim at releasing with KDE Frameworks, I would like to see the
> following happening:
>  * Stick to the "new CMake ways" we use in KDE Frameworks (means depending
> on CMake 2.8.9 and ECM 0.0.5 for now);
>  * Fix the issues raised by Alex (obviously);
>  * Change the name to kaccessibilityclient to be more aligned with how we're
> naming the other frameworks.
> The first point could be a problem I guess if you aim at releasing before
> KDE Frameworks 5.0 as ECM is not widespread in distros yet.
> My 0.02€
> Regards.

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