Review Request: kio-file: sync file copy to /media/

Sebastian K├╝gler sebas at
Wed Oct 3 22:42:51 BST 2012

On Wednesday, October 03, 2012 20:44:39 Hakan Bayindir wrote:
> I also disagree with the patch. Syncing a file system is expensive and
> degrades performance. Also, latest KDE releases have an implicit "please
> wait, I'm writing your data to your disk" warning via a spinning disk in
> USB notifier. Also dolphin doesn't change its mounted icon until sync
> completes. These changes makes the patch useless regardless of the
> overhead, performance degradation and media damage (which is a regression)
> it introduces.
> Last but not the least, continuously syncing voids the kernel's transfer
> optimizations and confuses it.

This review is 2 years old and probably not a candidate for merging (likely 
for reasons you already touch), so no worries. :)

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