Review Request: Add Activity Awareness to KFilePlaces* Widget (OnlyInActivity)

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Tue Oct 2 18:47:31 BST 2012

> making a frameworks branch in the kactivities repo is fine. the library
> should indeed be easy to port.

The core library currently uses only KDebug, i18nc and KUrl.

The data models library, the service and the workspace addons use more stuff.

So, the core library (that is meant to be used in most applications (and KFP) 
could be easily ported to be Qt-only.

The rest will need to be dependent in some level from kde libs.

OTOH, the service uses the sycoca for plugins, kstandarddirs, kjob, 
kwindowsystem. And some service plugins use more things.

Should the repository be split into several ones with various levels of 
dependencies or something?


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