Review Request: Add Activity Awareness to KFilePlaces* Widget (OnlyInActivity)

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Tue Oct 2 17:41:34 BST 2012

David Faure wrote:

> If we (=someone) make a frameworks branch for kactivities, it should be
> quite simple to port that away from kdecore (I suppose it was mostly using
> KPluginLoader, which has now moved to the kservice framework). So this
> might just be a matter of updating a few CMakeLists.txt files.

The work to use only an individual framework (eg kservice) as a dependency 
isn't really in the frameworks branch yet though. With CMake 2.8.10 close to 
release, that will be possible soon though. (Recall the issues with exported 
targets, which are fixable with the new CMake).



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