Deleting "kdepalettes" from kdesdk

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Sat May 19 11:49:53 BST 2012

Am Samstag, 19. Mai 2012, 10:14:26 schrieb Eike Hein:
> On 05/18/2012 03:23 PM, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> > So in preparation for the migration of kdesdk to git I will be simply
> > removing kdesdk/kdepalettes, next Sunday, May 20th, in the European
> > evening, unless anyone objects.
> I'm curious about the connection between these two. Where will the
> history of the palettes be available in the converted git reposito-
> ries?

Good question. So far nowhere.

kdesdk/kdepalettes is a one-time-commit/dump of the palettes without any 
further changes, so there is no real history besides the commit log "Initial 
import of the palettes" and the date (actually Sun Jan 3 1999, so even the 
palette of KDE1 times), the only other commit, a move, was due to the 
introduction of /trunk/KDE.

The kdesdk module will be split over multiple repos, and none so far has 
kdepalettes included (but then plans for splitting are not completed yet). 
Just, none of the candidates is related to palettes, so who would search the 
history/files of kdepalettes there?

Would moving to tags/unmaintained/1 (or 2?) in svn be a way to secure the 
history to a degree? Initially I thought they are not unmaintained, but simply 
outdated (and kind-of continued in another place, at least the GIMP-style 
version, without any connection), so that is why I proposed to simply delete 

So? Instead of remove do a move to tags/unmaintained/2 ?


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