Review Request: implement support for window.onhashchange

Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark sandsmark at
Tue May 15 02:01:47 BST 2012

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(Updated May 15, 2012, 1:01 a.m.)

Review request for kdelibs.


fixed whitespace errors, and regenerated the automatically generated htmlnames.* instead of hand-editing them.


Implement a custom hashchange event, and make the khtml kpart emit it
when we are asked to navigate to another anchor, and the ref is

Diffs (updated)

  khtml/ecma/kjs_dom.h 38fae65 
  khtml/ecma/kjs_dom.cpp ab7f02a 
  khtml/ecma/kjs_events.h 3727b94 
  khtml/ecma/kjs_events.cpp e7c7e5b 
  khtml/ecma/kjs_window.h 416b045 
  khtml/ecma/kjs_window.cpp e75e6e7 
  khtml/html/html_baseimpl.cpp baa13b5 
  khtml/khtml_part.cpp 24589e4 
  khtml/xml/dom2_eventsimpl.h 5b452d2 
  khtml/xml/dom2_eventsimpl.cpp f01a533 



tested extensively against


Martin Tobias Holmedahl Sandsmark

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