[kde-artists] Review Request: Change Online help icon KHelpcenter

T.C. Hollingsworth tchollingsworth at gmail.com
Fri May 11 01:53:09 BST 2012

[CCing kde-artists for their take since this would involve changes to

On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 6:45 AM, Sebastian K├╝gler <sebas at kde.org> wrote:
> This change is wrong, as the menu entry has nothing to do with the
> semantic meaning of the icon, and the icon is not named according to the
> icon spec.
> So the correct icon is already set here, if its look doesn't match, then
> that icon would need to be fixed. In this case, I assume you mean to better
> reflect the "online" part in the name, and I agree that it's not reflected
> in the name. Question is: does it matter where the help is located? (Surely
> does if the user is offline, but in general ... I think the "help!" part is
> important, not the "online" part.

The documentation team would definitely like to change many of these
icons.  A bunch of blue question marks look ugly and aren't really
helpful in identifying what the documentation or category is about.
Not to mention that several of these entries already have their own

If I understand you correctly, you'd rather us add icons to
oxygen-icons for these?  Named something like "help-online",
"help-contents-controlcenter", "help-contents-man," etc?  Note that we
don't really need new icons for these.  We would just end up copying
existing relevant icons that already exist in oxygen-icons, so there'd
be two copies of identical icons floating around in there.

Right now, the Application Manuals, Control Center Modules (though
this one's broken currently), and manual pages have their own icons
done much like this review request would have done for Online Help, so
we'd also need to fix these in the process.

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