Use Icon Tasks as out default taskmanager for KDE 4.9?

Mark markg85 at
Fri May 4 21:36:25 BST 2012


I was witnessing a range of very annoying task manager bugs.

1. I was still witnessing ghosting even with Qt 4.8.1. I haven't re-opened yet since i think the ghosting
doesn't occur in icon tasks.
2. I was witnessing something new in KDE 4.8 (hidden feature ^_-) called
overlapping. It's very efficient use of space and perhaps usable for
tablets but i rather dislike it. hehehe, anyway, there is a bug report for
that as well:
3. Task Manager sometimes seems to forget which applications are pinned
which are then back when the user logs out and back in again. (restarting
plasma-desktop is probably also an option)
4. Minimize effect could go all ways with taskmanager. Sometime even to the
middle of the screen.

Icon Tasks has none of the above mentioned issues. And all of those issues
are really very noticeable and disruptive. It just gives a bad impression.

Icon Tasks is probably not made with the intention to replace the current
taskbar plasmoid, but it has strangely gotten a lot better then what we
feed our users by default. It only misses a few things.
1. Switch to disable peek
2. Switch to show the "icons" as bars just like task manager does.
3. Switch to sort open and closed tasks. Meaning you have all the closed
tasks as icons in the left of your taskbar and all the open ones as bars
next to the closed ones.

Now one might argue that we should fix taskmanager. I'd agree if there was
no alternative. Icon tasks is already shipped with KDE since version 4.8
(or 4.7?). The things that have to be added to it to make it a full
taskmanager replacement is fairly minor so why not?

So all things considered, why don't we pull the plug for taskmanager and
start using icon tasks by default?
And would this still be on time for KDE 4.9?

Kind regards,
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