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Thu May 3 23:39:38 BST 2012


We are currently preparing the replacement of the current software used for (GOSA). We will replace it with brand new software, developed by Ben Cooksley himself, it's called Solena. The idea is still the same: one place to create a username/password and use that service on several other sites we roll out within KDE. The most important advantage with the new software is that we get a sane user experience, has a bad user interface, resulting in several problems.

We will convert all existing accounts automatically. Why this mail? To announce the new software and to announce that this weekend we will do the conversion to new system and make that active.

That means that will not be 100% up this weekend, and it might be that at some points we are making some minor adjustments to the sites which rely on the authentication done by, resulting that you can not login into such a site for short periods of time.

Any questions (or beta-testers!) are still welcome in #kde-sysadmin.


Tom Albers
KDE Sysadmin

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