The Nepomuk Situation

Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic at
Wed May 2 20:14:00 BST 2012

> The first solution -
> * Remove nepomuk from kdelibs and kde-runtime
+1 This is what has been done with kactivities. Instead of having it in 
kdelibs and runtime, it is now all in one repository.

The only difference here is that nepomuk is not in libs/experimental like 
libkactivities was.

I think that this would help KF5 efforts since applications would start 
porting early to the new libraries. Again, the only downside being the fact 
that libnepomuk will not be able to stay binary (or api) back-compatible due 
to uses of KUrl and similars (it it hasn't already been removed in the 


> * Make nepomuk-core a compile time dependency for kdelibs
> * Including the missing gui code into nepomuk-core
> The second solution is -
> * nepomuk-core installs the headers in nepomuk2
> * the library already has a different name, so there are no clashes over
> there
> * kde-runtime/nepomuk is removed
> * nepomuk-core is added as a dependency of kde-runtime
> The problem with the second solution is that all applications using Nepomuk
> will also need to depend on nepomuk-core. So far the list includes -
> Dolphin, KDE-pim and Telepathy (kinda)
> What do you guys think?
> [1]
> [2]
> rvice/
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