Review request: AppMenu support for KDE

Cedric Bellegarde gnumdk at
Wed May 2 09:31:07 BST 2012

Le vendredi 27 avril 2012 17:58:24 Alex Fiestas a écrit :
> We should provide a way of accessing more easily to the data (thinking on a 
> model) and ideally would be awesome to have this before releasing.

Here an old port of krunner-appmenu to kded module...

I think we need to report all this code to KDE 4.10/5.0...

What we need to do:
- Add support for on demand menubar hidding in libdbusmenu-qt
- Add support for more than QMenu in libdbusmenu-qt
- Rewrite registrar.cpp to avoid licence issue

New player, try again !

see you in some months for same request!

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