RFC: i18n: drop KUIT tags in KDE Frameworks 5.0?

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Sat Mar 24 12:05:06 GMT 2012

On Friday 23 March 2012 9:17:43 AM Chusslove Illich wrote:
> > [: Allen Winter :]
> > Personally, I have put a lot of time and effort into adding KUIT into my
> > projects over the years and think it is a great help, even if just for the
> > developers to understand how the strings are being used.
> I hope we had a small misunderstanding here. David's earlier message was
> precisely to clear that up.
> What I want to remove are only in-text tags (like <filename>, <emphasis>,
> etc). In-context markers (like @action:button, @option:check, etc) would
> certainly remain. There is no technical reason to remove them, and they are
> used much more than tags. E.g. in kdepim and kdepimlibs, 16.7% of all
> messages have context markers, whereas 1.7% have text tags (6.4%/0.6% for
> whole of "trunk"). In fact, context markers can be used as-is in any i18n
> system with Gettext-like lookup key semantics.
> Is it sufficiently less bad now, or should I address your other points? :)
Ah. Ok then.

No need to address my other points especially since they are already being discussed.

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