[GSoC] KWin colour management

Martin Gräßlin mgraesslin at kde.org
Thu Mar 22 18:35:29 GMT 2012

On Thursday 22 March 2012 19:20:11 Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
> Something like that is technical possible. But let me repeat, you get then
> a mixture of colour managed and non colour managed apps with the same
> toolkit, which is completely non understandable for users.
First of all: users don't know anything about toolkits. If they use KDE Plasma 
Workspaces (and that's what this whole thread is about), they get three 
different toolkits looking exactly the same thanks to the effort of the Oxygen 
team. So how should users understand that their Firefox (GTK 2) is not color 
corrected, while the Qt app is?

The issue - if there is any at all - will be quite simply resolved by the apps 
adjusting to it. It's a three line patch (ifdef, call, endif) for each app. If 
users really care about it, they will report bugs to the application ("looks 
strange when running with Qt 5.x") or the more advanced will provide the patch 
directly (e.g. a distro could very easily do that).

To me it is important to do it right. And if right means legacy is not 
supported, than it is like that. To me it looks like you are trying extreme 
workarounds just to make everybody happy and especially support legacy. Do 
yourself a favor: go for the easy part and forget about legacy :-)

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