Review Request: include KolorManager in kdegraphics

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at
Thu Mar 15 11:55:38 GMT 2012

>> Am 14.03.12, 14:29 -0700 schrieb Daniel Nicoletti:
>>> If CUPS is locally installed this means it can just send the job color 
>>> corrected!

Am 15.03.12, 04:11 -0700 schrieb Daniel Nicoletti:
>> So far colour conversion happens on the end machine. That is the one,
>> which is connected to the device. That fits to what Michael Sweet says about 
>> early versus late colour binding, suggesting that early colour binding can cause 
>> gigabytes of traffic, while late colour bind will have no such issue.
> Kai you keep saying that Michael Sweet don't want colord upstream,

Do you mean me? If so I did not write such a statement. I refered to your
abouve first sentence, which is now recovered.

> how do I find just the opposite?

No idea how you get these two different things together. Maybe you think 
early colour binding is related to linking of code? Then no it is not 
related. Early colour binding means simply to do colour conversion early 
in the data flow, and that means on the local host, inside the application.

> He even mentions that to add Oyranos that means loads of code...

Regardless of oversimplified or "non-trivial amounts of code", I still 
do not think that this would be a good route to follow. I fear a big 
maintainance effort for that scheme.

kind regards

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