Review Request: include KolorManager in kdegraphics

Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b at
Thu Mar 15 10:24:50 GMT 2012

Am 14.03.12, 20:39 -0700 schrieb Daniel Nicoletti:
>> Like I also help with Wicd support in KDE, Kopete, and other areas of interests for KDE users. I do not use Wicd, but I help KDE users of Wicd even before I was the Network Management maintainer. By the way, I am not driven by FDO interests. We are using upower/udisks because there is no other choice in Linux, hal is unmaintained as you probably know. That is why I think we should have a community to maintain the software we depend upon.
> Right so which community you are talking about, because
> Kai likes KDE, it seems that you are putting FDO/Gnome as things we should
> get away, instead of actually looking at how maintainable these two things are
> and yet share code which is really important.
>>> First you need to build the software or use the packaged version, see how
>>> things work, now I started a replacement for system-config-printer because
>>> it has authentication problems and is written in python. when I go to
>>> Oyranos I found a bunch of tech I don't like, not just I don't like but
>>> many developers don't, so who will maintain those technologies if few
>>> people like/use it?

Few developers like to code CMMs. On the other hand many people want ICC 
support. Yeah colour management is non trivial in the basics. That is not 
new. The more useful is a API like lcms provides and a maintainer, who 
cares about the core stuff and it's necessary complexities.

And to get it right, device configuration is also non trivial. There needs
not only the device identification as requireed for profile selection but 
as well the driver and the colour settings for that driver. Oyranos is one 
of the few libraries, which supports that in a generic way, without the 
need of special setups or closed loop systems.

>> That's too personal oppinion and you sound like nobody likes oyranos.
> It's a personal opinion indeed but this doesn't mean nobody likes Oyranos,
> it simply means that looking at the code there won't be much devs willing
> to maintain that. The deps speak for themselves. 

You need to maintain the same dependencies of the Oyranos device modules 
inside your KDE code. Oyranos just abstracts that out into run time 
modules. Otherwise access to monitor or printer informations is not easy.

>> I have never used PackageKit and said nothing about it. Are you talking about PakcageKit or colord here? Users can help with patches from time to time, that is important, and I was only a Knetworkmanager user before I started to contribute. Your statement is completely wrong in an opensource world.
> You don't get it, I'm giving an example of how good projects dies because
> from a technical point of view they become unmaintainable.

Some special guys have a tradition in declaring other projects dieing.

kind regards

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