Review Request: include KolorManager in kdegraphics

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-dev at
Wed Mar 14 13:00:37 GMT 2012

> No. There should be color management by default in KDE, that's really 

> important; and there should be only one solution by default. We shouldn't 
> let distributions, or even worse, users decide which solution they use. That way 
> madness lies. KDE's Color management solution shouldn't be in extragear.
> As to which one is selected, there are a couple of ways to decide.
> The first is, first come, first go. Kolormanager has been in development for 
> quite some time now, and colord is an upstart, gnome-derived technology. 
> Integration of colord in kde was only started very recently. Everyone is free to 
> start a competing project, even inside KDE, but to make that project block a 
> pre-existing project isn't the way to go.
I'm not talking about blocking pre-existing projects, I'm really looking forward a
solution where the two could live. Sure we don't want users/distributions to
decide but they do.

> The second way to decide would be on technical merits. I'm not going to go 
> into that discussion; I've seen too many tiresome discussions already, and I 
> don't feel really competent anyway.
> For me as an application developer, life sucks anyway, since I have to support 
> Linux, Windows and OSX, so for the time being, the application will offer its 
> own way to select profiles, in addition to using the X11 display atom that both 
> colord and kolormanager support. (And I don't want to think about printing 
> anyway.)
Well if we go into the merits discussion I really think we will get nowhere,
as we didn't sort this first we won't sort this out now, KDE and GNOME primary
goals is Linux, so I really don't think supporting platforms where they already
have good solutions for this is a way to go.

So how do we go into the merit discussion without creating yet another flame war?

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