Review Request: include KolorManager in kdegraphics

Daniel Nicoletti dantti85-dev at
Wed Mar 14 11:36:12 GMT 2012

> Request:

> After working on KolorManager and Oyranos in the past months for the last 
> Oyranos-0.4.0 release, we feel the stack is ready to review for inclusion into 
> KDE.
> KolorManager resides currently in Playground/Graphics:

Just a quick question, currently we have two CMS stacks, colord and
oyranos, while
I have nothing against having two of them in KDE, I wonder if this  would become
a problem for colord-kde [1] to enter in kdegraphics too? In that case
would be better
to both go to kdeextragear or is there some different policy in this case?

I'm actually targeting KDE SC 4.9 as gnome-color-manager is very mature and I am
pretty much just rewriting it with Qt/KDE libs.


Daniel Nicoletti

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