DrKonqi improvement idea

Teemu Rytilahti tpr at iki.fi
Mon Mar 12 21:20:20 GMT 2012

Niko Sams wrote:

>> Personally I'd go for a solution that also tries to register the last 20
>> keystrokes and 20 mouse clicks (qt global event listener) and if and when
>> a crash occurs that info can be send with the backtrace.  So even if
>> there are no debug packages installed we get some info to do data-mining
>> on.
> That would provide useful information? I guess it depends on the
> application and bug.

In some cases yes, though not sure about how the probable privacy issues 
could be handled nicely there in a way to not make people to avoid using it. 
Not sure how useful it'd be for crashes, and sorry for hijacking the topic 
for a bit again, in some cases a screenshot showing the problem would be 
nice. Perhaps the report dialog could allow one to take a screenshot and 
annotate it someway, just to make it clearer for triagers and developers 
what's the intention :-)

>> Either case, I'd think you want something custom written. Its not too
>> much work to do the basics and maybe we can steal some code that compares
>> backtraces and steal some ideas or code for on-disk data-store of those
>> backtraces.
> +1
> The existing solutions are very complex and have lots of features. And
> they solve different
> use cases.

Have you already looked into traceparser (or any other similar system) to 
see how it does the tricks? Just wondering if code from there could be 

Best Regards,
Teemu Rytilahti

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