Review Request: Make the maximum # of connection per host in KIO::Scheduler user-configurable

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Mon Mar 5 15:46:22 GMT 2012

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(Updated March 5, 2012, 3:46 p.m.)

Review request for kdelibs and Andreas Hartmetz.


Updated the Testing Done section for reference.


This patch is an alternate approach to making the number of ioslaves connections allowed per server configurable by the user. Unlike the patch proposed in bug# 64647, the approach taken in this patch neither requires any new API additions to KIO::Scheduler nor does it limit configurablity per protocol.

For restricting the number of ioslaves per server/host all a user would have to do is add a "MaxInstancesPerHost" property to the specific protocols configuration file. For example, to limit the number of ftp connections to "" to 1, one would only have to add the following to $KDEHOME/share/config/kio_ftprc:


But that is not all. The user can make that restriction apply globally to all ftp connections by simply moving property to the global section of of the configuration file. That is move it out of the host ("[]") section. And to make it apply to every protocol, simply move the property to the generic ioslave configuration file, $KDEHOME/share/config/kioslaverc.

This addresses bug 64647.


  kio/kio/scheduler.cpp 6b4ed52 


Testing (updated)

To verify correct behavior, I added the following settings to kio_ftprc and attempted to download multiple files at the same time. KIO::Scheduler correctly processed the request one at a time:



Dawit Alemayehu

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