simon: Review for move to extragear/accessibility

Peter Grasch grasch at
Sat Mar 3 11:50:52 GMT 2012

Hello everybody,

I just filed a sysadmin request to move simon from playground to kdereview. I'm 
hoping to proceed to extragear/accessibility after a successfull review.

If you don't yet know simon, you can find more about it on the simon listens 
Or the still excellent article on the dot:

Adressing the points on the policy article on techbase:
* The simon project contains a couple of sub-applications all but one of which 
have user documentation in docbook format (the missing one being a rather new 
< 250 sloc utility). The documentation still refers to the last released 
version 0.3.0 but will of course be updated before the next release.

* Overall, there is sadly not a lot of developer documentation in the simon 
code. However, the main "entry point" for external developers - simons command 
plugin interface - is well documented.

* There were a handful of krazy errors on the last run (42), but I committed 
fixes for the reported issues this morning.

* A basic usability review was done at the UI clinic at last years desktop 
summit with valuable feedback from Bjoern Balzaks. Frederik Gladhorn 
implemented some of them already but some of the suggested changes are quite 
hard to implement on the technical side. Still, we defnitely care about 
usability and intend to continue to work on it.

* I'm not entirely sure about the profiler section but we do run valgrind 
checks on simon from time to time and all in all we seem to be doing fine.

* To the best of my knowledge, simon is completely translatable and already 
available in a couple of languages (

I'm very much looking forward to your feedback and thank you in advance.

Best regards,

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