Review Request: konqueror shall allow to click a mailto: link without showing a (...this URL is untrusted...) confirmation dialog

Martin Koller kollix at
Sat Jun 30 14:21:20 BST 2012

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Review request for kdelibs.


When a non-local webpage contains a mailto: link and you click on it, konqueror shows a confirmation dialog:

This untrusted page links to
mailto: at some.domain.
Do you want to follow the link?

(using the page with opera or firefox does not give any such warning and opens kmail)

The check is done by KAuthorized:authorizeUrlAction("redirect", pageURL, linkURL);

This patch fixes this by always allowing a redirection to a mailto link.


  kdecore/kernel/kauthorized.cpp f7d795a 



The following simple html page when
the page is served from a local running HTTP Server
( http://localhost:8080/data/test.html )

<a href="mailto:test.test at">test.test at</a>


Martin Koller

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