Review Request: Remove image/x-wmf and image/x-xfig from image thumbnailer's supported mimetypes

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Thu Jun 28 06:39:06 BST 2012

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Review request for KDE Runtime.


The declared-as-supported mimetypes of the image thumbnailer are quite broad, assuming a lot of QImageIOPlugin existing and installed. But at least for x-fig and wmf there are no such plugins known, by what I can tell. So the claim of support is wrong.

Worse: There is no safe way to install an own, better thumbnailer, that one would be only chosen by pure luck. Reason is that the thumbnail creation invoking code just greps the first in the list of found thumbnail plugins, see the code in kde-runtime/kioslave/thumbnail/thumbnail.cpp:

QString ThumbnailProtocol::pluginForMimeType(const QString& mimeType) {
    KService::List offers = KMimeTypeTrader::self()->query( mimeType, QLatin1String("ThumbCreator"));
    if (!offers.isEmpty()) {
        KService::Ptr serv;
        serv = offers.first();
        return serv->library();

E.g. trying to install an own xfig thumbnailer failed for me.

While changing the above code to use KMimeTypeTrader::preferredService(...) surely might be also good to do, I have no idea about the impact.
For now I just would like to have those two wrong claims removed.

Okay to backport to 4.9 (and 4.8)?


  kioslave/thumbnail/imagethumbnail.desktop 53c9a33 




Friedrich W. H. Kossebau

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