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Ivan Cukic ivan.cukic at
Wed Jun 27 23:55:15 BST 2012

>From Ben Cooksley:
> Debian Squeeze has gcc 4.4.5, and this is the base of
> It would be appreciated if we did not have to run Debian Testing on
> the build slaves.

Honestly, while having Jenkins around is quite neat, I don't see a helper tool 
as a valid reason to make the development more difficult.

Anyhow, guessing that we will not agree about raising the requirement for the 
libraries, not for the forseable future, and that is more or less fine for me. 
Libraries are always a special case.

The second are applications. To quote Martin:

> Thanks for bringing up the issue, I actually intended to write a similar
> mail tomorrow to request that applications are allowed to require compilers
> supporting C++11 features.

IMO, application developers should choose which range of systems they want to 
target. For example, for core things that should run (kded, kwallet, etc.???) 
on Lin/Win/Mac, ok, the requirement can't be above 4.2.

For applications that are not essential to the rest of the environment to 
function properly, this shouldn't be the case. If KSomeApp developers decide 
they don't care about Mac, they shouldn't be under the above restrictions.

Workspace applications (kwin, activity manager, and more) are not meant for 
/strange/ platforms like windows/mac, so they should belong to the later 

So, in a nutshell, the more important for other components something is, the 
lower should be the required gcc version.


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