Compiler version

Raphael Kubo da Costa rakuco at
Wed Jun 27 22:49:12 BST 2012

Ivan Čukić <ivan.cukic at> writes:

> Now, my proposal here is to update the required versions for
> Frameworks 4 to reflect those of KDE Frameworks 5 / Qt 5. Now, I've
> found different information for this - skelly says [2] the requirement
> is GCC 4.6 while some other places state it is GCC 4.5, so I'm not
> sure whether it was a typing error or not.

The most up-to-date discussion I can find about defining a lowest common
denominator is [1].

In short, if I understand it correctly we (as well as Qt) are still
supposed to support Apple with gcc 4.2.1. This also happens to help the
situation on FreeBSD, where the default compiler is also gcc 4.2.1 +
patches (the latest GPLv2 release), even though it is possible to
require a more recent version from its ports system.

Apple (as well as FreeBSD) seems to be moving towards clang, however I
do not know if they have made it their default compiler in some release
of theirs.

> - FreeBSD 10 - Clang 3.1 (*very* modern)

FreeBSD 10 is the development version, and even there clang is not the
default compiler yet. For the foreseeable future we're still having gcc
4.2.1 used by default, but, as I said, we could require another version
even if a few users complain (I'd prefer if the requirements for KDE 4
were not changed, though).


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