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Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Wed Jun 27 22:28:30 BST 2012

Hi all,

I've tested the waters some time ago [1] what would people say if we
started asking for more modern compilers. I've stated there I'll start
the discussion on k-c-d once we branch out 4.9, so I'm doing as
promised. The post was only about kactivities, but the same could be
applied to more stuff.

Mainly, the responses were positive (from both users and developers).

Now, my proposal here is to update the required versions for
Frameworks 4 to reflect those of KDE Frameworks 5 / Qt 5. Now, I've
found different information for this - skelly says [2] the requirement
is GCC 4.6 while some other places state it is GCC 4.5, so I'm not
sure whether it was a typing error or not.

The other thing I'd like to discuss is whether we should have the same
requirements for libraries and applications. For example, while I
intend to require at least GCC 4.5 for the kactivities daemon (and
would like to require even 4.6, but will not) I intend to keep the
library compatible with old GCCs.

As an additional argument for raising the bar, here are the GCC
versions in most modern distros (collected by other people, didn't
- Debian - 4.7 (testing)
- openSuse 12.1 - 4.6
- Kubuntu - 4.6
- Fedora 16 - 4.6
- Gentoo - 4.5 (stable)
- FreeBSD 10 - Clang 3.1 (*very* modern)


"The compiler requirement has been updated to GCC 4.6, which is
consistent with the compiler requirement on other platforms using

p.s. Currently, I'm not checking for >= specific version, but the
compiler features which I think is more versatile. See:

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