Qt Contributors Summit

John Layt jlayt at kde.org
Mon Jun 18 21:18:13 BST 2012

On 17 June 2012 13:19, John Layt <jlayt at kde.org> wrote:
> It's short notice, but do we want to meet up again on Wednesday evening for
> dinner to discuss plans?  I realise it's short notice but I'm sure we can find
> somewhere, any suggestions Berliners?  Non-attendees more than welcome too.

There doesn't appear to be many people available for Wednesday night,
and I've just checked my flights and I wouldn't make it until 9pm
anyway, so lets cancel that idea and try for Thursday or Friday night,
whichever is not taken by the Qt party.  Note also Jos is having an
OpenSuse/Beer/Pizza meet-up at his place Saturday night that any QtCS
attendees are welcome to attend.


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