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Mon Jun 4 17:41:41 BST 2012

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Review request for kdelibs.


According to clang++, the implicit type conversion for NET::WindowTypeMask is unsigned long, not int.

implicit conversion from 'NET::WindowTypeMask' to 'int' changes value from 18446744073709551615 to -1 [-Wconstant-conversion]
            NET::WindowType type = info.windowType(NET::AllTypesMask);
                                   ~~~~            ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
probably because in NET:WindowTypeMask, AllTypesMask is declared as:
AllTypesMask     = 0LU-1  ///< All window types.

The other possible solution could be to declare
AllTypesMask     = -1  ///< All window types.
to make NET::WindowType to be an int.


  tier1/kwindowsystem/src/kwindowinfo.h b899d22 
  tier1/kwindowsystem/src/kwindowinfo_mac.cpp 9756254 
  tier1/kwindowsystem/src/kwindowinfo_win.cpp d392fe9 
  tier1/kwindowsystem/src/kwindowinfo_x11.cpp f382e9c 




Jaime Torres Amate

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