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Laszlo Papp lpapp at
Tue Jul 24 22:35:41 BST 2012

> Does the game work on Windows?

I have just put some effort into testing this, but it is quite broken.
I would like to see improvements in this front since Windows is an
important platform for Qt and KDE. I am here for helping with that, if

The issues so far (until I found enough to not bother with finding
more as of now) in kdegames (dependency):

1) FindSndFile.cmake is broken. It does not find the installed sndfile
on my system which it should. I would suggest using the one we used in
alure, gluon, QtOpenAL back then and so forth.


This is not going to work since you need to use absolute paths, if I
am not mistaken. ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX} will help you out about that.

#include <sndfile.hh> //TODO: use Phonon instead of libsndfile for
decoding -> You should use "sndfile.h"

4) You use "class Private" here:
and then "struct Foobar::Private" here:

... after this point I gave up for now. Please fix the issues in
kdegames along with the responsible person(s), and I will make check
further checks. The game, and libkdegames has not clearly been tested
properly with openal and sndfile. That may also be due to the fact,
the FindSndFile.cmake is broken.

Unfortunately, phonon master also had issues, so we just recommend
using the last phonon stable release in certain cases.

Let me know, if you need help with all these. I can also commit the
fixes myself, if it is accepted by whoever the maintainer is.

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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