RFC: Moving KWallet Password dialog into Plasma

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 19:33:17 BST 2012

Am 20.07.2012, 19:25 Uhr, schrieb David Edmundson  
<david at davidedmundson.co.uk>:

> This problem also applies to Authkit/Polkit prompts as well as
> Telepathy windows (from personal experience) and anything else
> dbus-activated.
> Dbus-activated apps being launched are (probably) going to be even
> more common in the future, and we'll see this problem in many more
> places.

> "Fixing" kwallet by moving it into a different place will fix it in
> this one instance, but it's simply avoiding the problem that will come
> back again.

It boils down to a conflict between "awareness" and "nastyness" - a  
conflict that might be not ideally solved atm.

Here's brainstorm.


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